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Water / Wastewater Agency Response Networks
"Utilities Helping Utilities"

Through the MDWARN website, a member is able to request equipment that they may need in an emergency. ( pumps, generators, chlorinators, evacuators, etc. )

The MDWARN program provides its member utilities with:
  • A standard mutual assistance agreement for sharing emergency resources among members statewide.
  • The resources to respond and recover more quickly from a disaster.
  • A mutual assistance program consistent with other statewide mutual aid programs.
  • A forum for developing and maintaining emergency contacts and relationships.
  • New ideas from lessons learned in disasters.

EPA's WARN Tabletop Exercise Video :

Download AWWA's FAQ about WARNs   ( Updated May 2010 )    AWWA FAQ
The backbone of the MDWARN concept is the Mutual Aid and Assistance Agreement.

It is in the MAA Agreement where provisions for the network activation, reimbursement, liability and other issues are mutually agreed upon by participating utilities. Participation is voluntary; there is no obligation to respond, and there is no direct cost to be a member of the network.

Please see the Mutual Aid Agreement page for additional information.

MDWARN Steering Committee :
  • Jack Bowen, Maryland Rural Water - 410-489-5877
  • Tom Forgette, Anne Arundel County DPW - 410-222-7524
  • Steve Gerwin, Howard County Bureau of Utilities - 410-313-4912
  • Tom Kiefer, Baltimore County Bureau of Utilities - 410-887-1893
 MDWARN Organization
pdf file Informative PDF documents about the WARN Concept :
 WARN States
National WARN program - progress as of March 2011

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