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How to Join MDWARN
Please complete the below "Interest Form" and email or fax it to us. If you decide to pursue membership, the commitment will occur when your governing board or council adopts a resolution to officially join.

pdf file Download the "MDWARN Interest Form".

As a member, please use the "Utility Resource Inventory" spreadsheet to list the assets you have available.

Email the completed spreadsheet as an attachment back to .

You may also want to consider the benefits of signing the MDWARN Mutual Aid Agreement. More information is available on our Mutual Aid Agreement page.

MDWARN is not a government entity. Some of the benefits of joining MDWARN:
  • MDWARN will use a single statewide mutual aid agreement which will help reduce administrative conflict over such things as: insurance, workers compensation, equipment rental rates, and other cost-related issues.
  • The statewide agreement does not conflict or supersede existing mutual aid agreements; rather, it complements them by providing a utility with a variety of response options.
  • There is no cost to join or annual cost to belong to MDWARN.
  • There is no commitment or obligation to respond if your utility receives a request.
  • It allows the local utility to remain in control of all response activities.
  • Specialized operations, such as water and wastewater utilities, are assisted by other specialized operations until the disaster is over or other aid is provided by the state or federal governments.
  • You can use MDWARN simply for finding parts or equipment to make repairs; there doesn't have to be a full-scale emergency.
  • MDWARN will be a very good thing for all of Maryland, so please complete the above Interest Form and be ready to get on board.

Thank you for your support.

For additional information, please email .
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